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Conscientia Group
A unique blend of senior external Advisers and a highly experienced internal team forms the Conscientia approach.

These Advisers, drawn from the ranks of senior executives of global companies, the public sector and business schools, are chosen for having lived through and resolved the same dilemmas, understanding the constraints under which our clients must operate as well as bringing the latest thinking to bear.

The advantage of using such a peer group lies in the fact that they have not only brought about the initial solving of issues but have lived through different iterations of fine-tuning to ensure lasting change.

Conscientia's leadership team has over 70 years of cross sector experience in analysing strategic, operational and organisational issues. They have been involved in significant corporate change and development, delivering clear and concise actions to company boards, as well as ensuring the implementation of these actions within organisations.

Since its formation, Conscientia has been asked by clients to deal with very diverse issues. These have covered strategic, operational, organisational and tactical issues. Some examples are:

Finding a solution to an apparently insoluble pension funding problem for a utility. Helping deal with a critical succession problem in a major French global company Providing experience of avoiding pitfalls in creating a Europe wide finance function. Helping a global company establish a more effective worldwide structure. Advising an organisation being approached by a Private Equity company.